North Shore Model Railway Club
Realistic operation is more fun




The benefits from being a member of the club are numerous and varied. They include



All prospective members are encouraged to visit the club rooms, especially on Thursday evenings between 7 and 9pm, to see and participate in activities prior to deciding to join. You are welcome to visit two or three times before deciding if you want to join the club.


The annual membership fees for the year ending 30 September, 2017 are


    Family  - $200 (with children 12 - 15)

    Intermediate 16-18 - $50

    Adult - $175

    Junior (12 to 15). There is no specific Junior membership. A junior member joins as a family member.

    Children under 12. While we are unable to cater for membership for children of this age, they are welcome to visit if accompanied by an adult


In addition, a joining fee of $20 applies for the first year only. If you join in the second half of the financial year which runs from October 1 to September 30, your membership fee will be reduced by 50%.


If you are interested in joining the club, please complete the form below. You will need to get a club member to sign as a proposer. If you do not know a club member, one of the people you met on your first visit will be able to help you. Once the form has been completed, you can give mail it to the club, or scan it and email it to the club, or hand it to a committee member. The form will be posted on the club's noticeboard for one month. This gives club members an opportunity to comment. The club's committee will then consider your application at its next committee meeting. Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a welcome pack.


The above process for applying for membership may appear bureaucratic but it works well. When the present webmaster joined the club he was new to model railroading and knew no one at the club. His application went smoothly.


Download a Membership form.


And now some small print


All members are liable for any fees due and a member will be deemed to have resigned if fees are not paid be 31st December following the AGM. If rejoining the member will be liable for any entrance fee set by the club members.